Pick-up Locations 

Sandy Hook – Saturday morning 10am-2pm

Stratford – Monday 3-6pm

Stamford – Nick’s Pizza – Thursday 4-6pm


Delivery will be available to many locations. If you are interested in delivery, please contact us for options. 

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How it works…

We grow it…

We grow a huge variety of your favorite organic vegetables on our one acre “Market Garden” in Sandy Hook, CT.  

You choose it…

You choose the options that work best for you. Choose weekly or bi-weekly boxes, and a pickup location. If you like to choose what goes into your box, come to our “Market Style” pickup at our farm and choose what you like and leave what you don’t! But TRY EVERYTHING! That’s the fun part!

You pick it up…

We will have convenient pick-up locations throughout Fairfield County and at our farm in Sandy Hook, CT.  Our other pickup locations will be in Stamford at Nicks Pizza, Infinity Fitness in Darien and in Stratford at our home and office. We will add locations as needed.

Or, we can deliver it…

Delivery will be available to many locations. If you are interested in delivery, please contact us for options.

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You enjoy it!

You and your family enjoy the nearly endless supply and amazing quality and freshness, all season long. You will have the benefits of a big backyard garden without the work. We will also help you make the most of the bounty by providing recipes and preparation & storage information with each box. 



What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Simply put, a CSA is a way for the community to support their small local farms in return for the best of their crops. As a member you pay upfront for a “share” of  the harvest, which you pick up weekly or bi-weekly from mid June through October. You become a partner in the operation in a sense. You make a financial investment in your farm so that they can have the capital to produce the best food for you in return. You also accept some of the risk. Natural farming is susceptible to loss and crop failure due to weather, pests and other factors. We do our best to mitigate these risks, but they still can, and will happen. The good new is that through great diversity of crops, we will always have a great variety throughout the season. As the farmers, we have a responsibility to use your support responsibly and provide the best experience possible. We are a new and growing operation so your support, feedback and suggestions are extremely appreciated. The key to this system is your support and we will always honor that with our best!